About me

My journey to design

Hi, I'm Henry, and I'm a designer. From a young age, I've had a passion for creative expression, whether it was writing scripts, making Claymation videos, or learning to code. But what drew me to UX design was the chance to combine my skills in visual mediums with my analytical side. It was like a melding of two distinct practices, and I fell in love with design so profoundly.

For me, the existence of a correct solution has always been an appealing aspect of my creative pursuits. I love the challenge of problem-solving, which is why I spent hours on coding bugs and issues. However, I also value the freedom of expression that visual mediums offer. Through UX design, I've found a way to integrate both of these passions, making each project both a creative and analytical challenge.

But what truly sets me apart as a designer is my love of learning. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and trying new things, whether it's a new coding language or a design trend. This drive to constantly improve, coupled with my analytical approach and creative background, makes me a valuable asset to any team.

In short, I love creating, I love learning, and I love problem-solving. And as a designer, I can put those passions to work to create solutions that are not only visually appealing but also functional and effective.

Working with me

Giovanni Lituma

Web Developer @Verizon

Henry is a great UX designer. He has great communication skills to discuss design needs and everything else. If you want to have elegant designs that fit the needs of users and clients with a unique solution then Henry is the right person for the job. He is friendly, honest, and funny. I highly recommend Henry!

Thanh Pham

Student @Generation USA

I had a chance to work with Henry in a group project where he was the team lead. He was easy to work with, very good at giving directions, and supporting other team members.

Rhiza Mendoza

UX Designer @Gexa Energy

I had the pleasure to work with Henry on an agile workflow for a game design project. He is a very skillful designer and was a vital part of the team. He would be considered a unicorn because he not only knows how to design but also how to code. On top of that, he has multi-media skills that can increase leverage for product development and the marketing team. His skills made our project more competitive. Collaborating with Henry was effective and easy as he is also a good communicator and knows how to defend his design decisions. Would definitely work with him again if given the chance.